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Regular, professional servicing of your garden machinery isn't a luxury!  If you've invested in good quality equipment so that you can do a great job and save time on routine tasks - mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, pruning trees, strimming undergrowth. The last thing you want to do is to get your lawnmower out of the shed and find it's not working properly. 

If you spend a little time to keep it in good condition your garden machinery will give you years of reliable service . Contact Lawntrack Supplies Ltd today to ask about our servicing. Maintaining your ground care equipment will help give you years of service.
Since the turn of the century, Lawntrack Supplies have been serving the gardeners of South East Lancashire. We started with an atriculated truck full of used lawn mowers, we serviced and repaired them, and then sold them. Our customers were pleased - and kept coming back to us.  What they told us they really liked was our:

  • Great Personal Service
  • Genuine Manufacturers' Spares
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Experience and Expertise
Give us a call today on 01200 445144 to arrange for servicing and repair of your garden machinery. Let us know the details of the equipment you're having problems with, and we'll make sure the parts are readily available for you.

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